Top 7 Most Common Plants in United States


Although pokeweed's berries seem delicious, the fruit and root are poisonous. Although farmers consider pokeweed a problem, it is sometimes planted as a beautiful plant.

Poison ivy

In pop culture, poison ivy is a symbol of an obnoxious weed because, despite its unthreatening looks, it gives a highly unpleasant contact rash to the unfortunate person who touches it.

Virginia creeper

The Virginia creeper is a grape-related vine that grows quickly and has wonderful flowers that smell nice, blue berries that look nice and leaves that turn red in the autumn.

Golden pothos

Golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum) are popular houseplants in Australia, Asia, and the West Indies. Many call it "devil's ivy" since it's hard to destroy and can flourish in low light.


The Central and South American herbaceous vine Solanum lycopersicum yields tomatoes, which are huge, juicy, and tasty. There are around 10000 cultivated types.


Southern and Central American cooks employ peppers. Most are quite spicy, although the heat may vary greatly due to the different varieties. Pepper plant-based cayenne powder is also popular.


Mulberry, a unique and easy-to-grow edible landscape shrub, is appreciated for its sweet fruits and beautiful decorative appeal. This Chinese plant was valuable for silk making.