The Best and worst Coachella performances ranked

Tyler, the Creator: Tyler, the Creator's Saturday night headlining set was a comedic masterpiece, complete with a National Park theme, pyrotechnics, and surprise guest appearances from Donald Glover, A$AP Rocky, Kali Uchis, and Charlie Wilson.

Justice: French DJ duo Justice delivered a nostalgia-infused set at the Outdoor Theatre stage, debuting new tracks from their upcoming album "Hyperdrama" and thrilling EDM fans with their electrifying performance.

No Doubt: No Doubt's highly anticipated reunion performance featured ska-infused pop-rock hits from their iconic "Tragic Kingdom" album, with a surprise appearance from Olivia Rodrigo on their 2000 single "Bathwater."

Renee Rapp: Renee Rapp's set was one of the most talked-about, featuring surprise appearances by "The L Word" stars and Kesha, who joined her for a rendition of "Tik Tok" with a notable lyric change addressing abuse allegations.

Sublime: Sublime's debut with new vocalist Jakob Nowell, son of original frontman Bradley Nowell, delighted fans with a nostalgic set showcasing the band's enduring legacy of reggae-rock hits.

Sabrina Carpenter: Sabrina Carpenter's cinematic set kicked off with a short film and featured live performances of her latest single "Espresso," showcasing her versatility as a pop star.

Doja Cat: Doja Cat's headline set impressed with elaborate sets, wild costumes, and surprise guest appearances, although some felt disappointed by long periods of silence and the absence of her biggest hit "Say So."

J Balvin: J Balvin's out-of-this-world set included multiple wardrobe changes, elaborate sets, flawless choreography, and a surprise appearance from Will Smith performing "Men in Black," creating a memorable experience for festivalgoers.