The 9 Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

Lift Weights

Increasing muscle mass by strength exercise with resistance bands, dumbbells, and/or body weight combined can boost the metabolism linked to healthy weight management.

Try the Mediterranean Diet

Regardless of physical activity, a 2020 study published in Nutrients reveals that menopausal women can lose fat mass and preserve muscle composition comparable to younger women by following a Mediterranean diet.

Add More Protein to Your Plate

Lyons advises increasing one's intake of lean protein by include more fish and chicken breast in their diet, or even taking a protein shake as a supplement.

Don t Skip the Carbs

Schmidt suggests that you take pleasure in eating nutritious carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice, and beans, but only after you've finished your meal with the protein source and vegetables.

Go for a Walk

Walking for just ten minutes after supper will improve digestion and control the subsequent insulin rise, which can help you feel fuller longer.

Get Quality Sleep

When someone doesn't feel drowsy enough to fall asleep, Lyons suggests consulting a healthcare professional about magnesium glycinate or magnesium L-threonate supplements.

Look Beyond the Scale

The number on the scale provides an indication of one's general health, but it is not a comprehensive picture.

Keep a Habit Journal

if people are keeping a journal of their everyday health practices, they are more likely to maintain their weight loss strategy.

Set Sustainable Goals

Any weight loss plan, according to Lyons and Schmidt, must be realistic, doable, and long-term maintainable.