The 7 Most Overpriced Grocery Store Items

Even without any added cost, avocados may get pricey, but store-bought guacamole already prepared? The cost of a single tiny tub may exceed the federal minimum wage!


Fruit slices in plastic containers are arranged in endless rows around the edge of your produce section's chilled displays.

Pre-Cut Fruit

Rice, a global staple, comes in diverse forms. Consider flavored boxes or bags for added convenience in meal preparation.

Rice Mixes

Granola from the store can be found in a range of varieties, with distinct grains, nuts, dried fruits, and spices.


Transportation costs can significantly increase grocery expenses, especially when produce is sourced from distant farms during off-seasons for many American consumers.


Nuts are pricey in and of themselves, but there's something about wrapping them around a handful of raisins that makes them even more expensive.

Trail Mix

Over the conventional boxes of chicken stock, people have waxed lyrical about the health advantages of bone broth.

Bone Broth