The 10 Best McDonald s Dupes at the Grocery Store

Discover the closest dupe to McDonald's breakfast sausage in Walmart's Great Value Fully Cooked Original Pork Sausage Patties.

Great Value Pork Sausage

Unveil Walmart's version of McDonald's Big Mac sauce and add a twist to your meals.

The Great Value Secret Sauce

Compare Best Maid pickles to McDonald's and experience a flavor match like no other.

Best Maid Pickles

Explore Pilgrim's Chicken Breast Nuggets as the retail version of McDonald's classic McNuggets.

Pilgrim's Chicken Nuggets

Discover a close dupe to McDonald's Hot Mustard Sauce with Pilsudski's Sweet Hot Mustard.

Pilsudski's Sweet Hot Mustard

Delve into the world of sauces with Crystal Wing Sauce and Sauce Craft Buffalo Sauce, resembling McDonald's favorites.

Crystal Wing Sauce vs. Sauce Craft Buffalo Sauce

Wake up to the closest grocery store hash brown to McDonald's classic with Season's Choice Hash Brown Patties.

Season's Choice Hash Browns

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Great Value French Fries

Explore how Walmart's Great Value products mirror McDonald's classics, from sausage to fries.

Grocery Store Dupe Delight

Discover how Walmart's Great Value lineup offers a taste reminiscent of McDonald's iconic menu items.

Your McDonald's Favorites