Should You Try the 7-Minute Workout?

You've got to really push yourself

Naturally, seven-minute workouts yield results. Most workouts have a five- to ten-minute 'ease in' period, but they are too short.

If you're a beginner, they're a great way to get started

I had done Lucy Wyndham-Read's seven-minute workout before, so I knew they were popular with novices and fitness beginners. 

Some types of exercises are better suited to a 7 minute workout than others

After a high-intensity workout, seven minutes felt good because the workouts are brief. 

They won't necessarily help to change your body composition but you can improve your fitness

We all know that reducing weight safely and sustainably requires more exercise, adequate nutrition, and stress and sleep management. 

They can help build self-confidence

For beginners, following your pledge to exercise, even for seven minutes, is a terrific way to get started.

It was difficult to prioritise form

Short sessions make form prioritization tough. The intervals and workouts are so short that time to ponder and good form is lost.

They shouldn't be a like for like replacement for a more robust workout plan

Doing brief workouts provided me more time in my day, but I realized it wasn't a long-term relationship. After the week, I felt refreshed and energized but not stronger.