How to Transition Your Bedding for the Season Ahead

Determine whether you're transitioning from warmer to cooler weather or vice versa. This will guide your choice of bedding materials and thickness.

Assess the Season

If you're moving into warmer weather, consider switching to a lighter comforter or duvet with a lower tog rating. Look for materials like cotton or linen, which are breathable and help regulate body temperature.

Swap Out Comforters or Duvets

Adding layers allows you to adjust your bedding to suit fluctuating temperatures. During transitional seasons, keep a lightweight throw or blanket at the foot of your bed for added warmth on chilly nights.

Layer with Throws or Blankets

Swap out your sheets for materials that suit the season. In warmer weather, opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton percale or linen to help you stay cool. 

Choose the Right Sheets

Consider changing your pillowcases to match the season. Opt for crisp, cool pillowcases in summer and cozy, flannel ones in winter. 

Adjust Pillowcases

Update your bedroom decor by swapping out decorative pillows and shams for ones that reflect the season. 

Rotate Decorative Pillows and Shams

Before storing seasonal bedding, make sure it's clean and properly laundered. Store off-season bedding in a cool, dry place, such as a breathable storage bag or container, to keep it fresh for the following year.

Wash and Store Seasonal Bedding