Hairstylists Say These Are The 7 Haircuts That Can Make You Look Younger After 50

Long Layers

For long, thick hair, adding layers at the bottom rather than around the face reduces weight and adds movement, preventing a blanket-like appearance.

Asymmetrical Bangs

Suitable for those with a high forehead, asymmetrical bangs can cover forehead lines and emphasize cheekbones without hiding the eyes, offering a flattering and youthful look.

Slightly Cropped Haircut

A cropped cut avoids the need for damaging heat styling and chemical processing, keeping hair healthy and youthful. A "wash and wear" style with tighter sides and back is recommended for a low-maintenance look.

Shoulder-Length Hair with Layers

Thick hair looks more polished and youthful when shoulder-length or longer. Minimal, face-framing layers prevent the unflattering triangle effect and add sophistication.

Curly Bob

Chin-length curly bobs draw attention away from drooping facial features and act as a non-surgical facelift. Shorter cuts with small curls can perk up facial features.

Long Hair with Waves

Wavy hair offers versatility, as it can be worn straight or naturally wavy. Face-framing layers add softness and movement, making hair appear more luscious and healthy.

Ombre Ringlet Hairstyle

For curly hair, layers should be long enough to reduce weight and showcase natural curls. Avoid touching wet hair to prevent frizz and use products to define curls for a softer look.