9 Tips for Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

Internet beauty ideas for your wedding is abundant. Start researching if you're unsure of your style. Search Google for your favorite celebrity's recent red carpet looks or visit a makeup artist's Instagram feed to see her customers. 

Do Your Research

Your style will affect your ultimate look. Before applying makeup, decide if old-Hollywood glitter, a natural, sun-kissed glow, or a mix of both suits you and your event. 

Consider Your Theme

Find out which colors match your skin tone, whether warm bronze or cool blue, for a more seamless look. The right shade for your skin is crucial,  

Determine the Right Shades

To get a natural tan before your wedding, it may be tempting to stay out longer. However, extended sun exposure can cause sunburn, uneven skin pigmentation, and dryness. 

Stay Out of the Sun

Try organizing an online consultation with one of your favorite makeup manufacturers if you're unhappy with your DIY makeup. A professional will provide you tips for your final look, boosting your confidence. 

Book a Virtual Appointment

You must prepare your skin to maximize cosmetic efficacy. Not only will this keep your makeup on all day, but it will also set the tone for your makeup application. Should begin months before the big day.

Prep Your Skin

Since your wedding day is so life-changing, buying new cosmetics may be tempting, but Kim warns that doing so too close to the wedding may cause allergic reactions or breakouts. Use your current items to avoid surprises. 

Stick to Familiar Products

Kim recommends buying high-quality makeup brushes for a photo-worthy finish, but overhauling your cosmetic items isn't recommended. Makeup is delicate, and small differences can easily affect the result,

Invest in New Beauty Tools

If you want to spend part or all of your wedding day outside, especially in spring and summer when the sun is fiercest, sunscreen will be the first step in makeup application. 

Choose Your SPF Wisely