9 Hairstyles For Women That Are Easy to Maintain

Wispy Shag

A versatile cut that works for both longer and shorter hair. Adding bangs can frame the face, create a youthful appearance, make hair appear thicker, and add volume to thinning hair.

Textured Asymmetrical Lob

Perfect for mature women, this modern and trendy style adds movement and a youthful appeal. A deep side part creates more volume on top and helps hide thinning hair.

Wavy Lob with Sideswept Fringe

This universally flattering, anti-aging haircut features a rectangular or square shape with layers for movement. It adds volume and sophistication to finer, thinner hair.


A combination of a bob and pixie, this versatile and customizable style blends elements of both cuts, making it a chic and flattering choice.

Layered Lob with Curtain Bangs

Layers enhance facial features and add volume, while bangs conceal forehead wrinkles and highlight the eyes. A textured lob with bangs offers a youthful, lively look.

Long, Feathery Layers

Longer side bangs and face-framing pieces draw attention to appealing facial features and create a fresher, youthful appearance. Adding layers prevents long hair from looking weighed down.

Side-Parted Pixie

A side part adds instant volume to short hair. This style can be adjusted for a center part to add volume and frame the face nicely.

Elegant Italian Bob

This Old Hollywood-inspired bob features chunky blunt ends for volume and bounce. It's versatile, suitable for many face shapes, and easy to style.

Voluminous 'Mob' Cut

The 'mob' or medium bob ends in the middle of the neck and provides volume at the crown. It offers a sleek, stylish, and easy-to-manage look that complements various face shapes and hair types.