8 Unique Vegan Filipino Recipes

Lumpiang Shanghai

Filipino lumpiang Shanghai are crispy, fried rolls with savoury filling, a fresh egg roll sensation. Try mock meat, water chestnuts, and nori to make a plant-based version of the traditional with your favourite dipping sauce.

Arroz Valenciana

Comforting, substantial rice meal. Jasmine and sticky rice are cooked in a tangy tomato sauce with toasty saffron in this arroz valenciana. Full and gorgeous, the plant-based Filipino favourite is delicious!


This vegan version of a food that is usually made with meat is full of flavour and veggies! When you slowly cook peanut butter with simple ingredients, you get a rich, thick stew that tastes great with rice that is overcooked.

Vegan Adobo

This creamy, protein-packed faux chicken adobo is perfect for weekday and meal-prep meals. Umami-rich caramelised onions give meatiness, while cane sugar, bay leaf, and chiles lend sweetness and earthiness. Delicious!

Vegan Chicken Afritada

Invite Aunty to the kitchen with this vintage faux chicken afritada. This tomato-based stew with bell peppers and plant-based chicken is great over fluffy rice. Traditional Filipino comfort meal will warm your heart and stomach!

Flan No Bake

This fully plant-based no-bake recipe changes up the traditional Filipino treat flan by making it without eggs. With just seven ingredients, you can make a cool custard with a caramel sauce made from coconut sugar.

Filipino Pandesal

People who love bread, pay attention! These rolls are light and soft, with a slightly sweet taste. Before they are baked, they are covered in breadcrumbs, which make the crust crunchy. You can eat pandesal for breakfast or dinner.

Eggplant Omelette Tortang Talong

Enjoy this vegan eggy aubergine dish, a Filipino comfort meal. Halved baked eggplants get a sulphur flavour and spongy custard texture from JUST eggs. This wonderful dinner just requires five ingredients.