8 Items From the 1980s That That Every Household Had

VCR (Video Cassette Recorder): 

This device allowed families to watch movies at home and record TV shows for later viewing.

Cassette Tape Player: 

Whether for music or recording, cassette players were a staple in many homes.

Microwave Oven: 

This kitchen appliance revolutionized how meals were prepared, offering quick and convenient heating and cooking.


Sony's portable cassette player allowed people to listen to music on the go, with the iconic headphones plugged in.


A large, portable radio cassette player, often carried on the shoulder, known for its powerful sound and presence.

Rubik's Cube: 

This 3D combination puzzle was a popular toy and brain-teaser, found in many households.

Atari or Nintendo Entertainment System (NES): 

These gaming consoles brought video games into the living room, with titles like Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man.

Answering Machine: 

Before voicemail, answering machines recorded messages from callers when the phone was unanswered.