8 Household Items ’70s Moms Relied On But Are Gone Today

Milkman Deliveries:

In the 1970s, milkman deliveries were a staple, offering fresh dairy in glass bottles right to households, adding a nostalgic touch to morning routines.

Pressure Cooker:

The stovetop pressure cooker revolutionized ‘70s kitchens with its efficiency, despite needing careful handling. It blended traditional cooking methods with innovative technology.

Crock Pot:

Introduced in the 1970s, the crock pot became essential for slow cooking meals throughout the day, enhancing flavors and tenderizing meats with its straightforward effectiveness.


Before electric washing machines, washboards were used for laundry, showcasing dedication to cleaning clothes. Hand-washing was a reminder of hard work in household chores.

Rotary Phones:

Rotary dial phones were crucial for communication before smartphones, evoking nostalgia with their mechanical sound and highlighting interpersonal connections in family life.

Cloth Diapers and Safety Pins:

Before disposable diapers, moms used cloth diapers secured with safety pins, reflecting resourcefulness and simplicity in parenting practices.

Fondue Set:

In the ‘70s, fondue sets were popular for communal dining experiences, whether dipping into cheese, chocolate, or meat, fostering engagement and conversation.

Tupperware Parties:

Tupperware parties weren’t just about selling containers; they brought moms together for socializing, recipe exchange, and learning about products before the internet era.