8 Countries To Live In That Are So Cheap You Don't Need to Work

1. Portugal

Portugal is celebrated as the cheapest Western European country, offering a high standard of living at a lower cost. It's ranked as the 14th safest country globally by US News, making it appealing for both singles and families seeking security and affordability.

2. Malta

Known for its expat-friendly environment, Malta allows Americans to stay visa-free for up to 90 days. Rental costs are approximately half of what one might pay in the US, and the overall cost of living is about 20% cheaper.

3. Malaysia

Malaysia is noted for its affordability, where an estimated $5,840 per year can cover living expenses if managed frugally. This Southeast Asian country offers significant savings, although caution is advised regarding petty crimes.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia offers a notably low cost of living, with average monthly rent around $450. Expats are drawn to popular areas like Bali and Jakarta, despite challenges like heavy traffic.

5. France

France, while known for its luxury and high living costs in major cities, still offers a significant reduction in expenses compared to the US.

6. Spain

With an average monthly expenditure of around $750, Spain combines a pleasant climate with rich cultural experiences. Madrid, in particular, hosts a vibrant expat community drawn by its quality of life.

7. Ecuador

Ecuador offers substantial savings, with the potential to reduce yearly expenses by half compared to the US. Coastal cities like Cuenca City and Puerto Lopez provide a relaxed lifestyle amidst beautiful beaches and reliable amenities.

8. Costa Rica

Costa Rica stands out not only for its lower cost of living—around $1,000 per month—but also for its excellent healthcare system, considered among the best globally.

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