8 Best Bedroom Plants for Cleaner Air and Better Sleep

English Ivy: Known for releasing oxygen and absorbing indoor air pollutants, English ivy is a great choice for bedroom décor. It thrives in moderate light and appreciates humidity.

Snake Plant: With bold, sword-like foliage, the snake plant is virtually indestructible, requiring only indirect light and minimal watering.

Aloe Vera: Not just for skincare, aloe vera makes a soothing houseplant that thrives in bright light. Its fleshy leaves require infrequent watering.

Pothos: Hardy and versatile, pothos features glossy, trailing vines that add a touch of greenery to any space. It tolerates low light and prefers moderate watering.

Philodendron Birkin: With lush green leaves and white pinstripes, this fast-growing plant thrives in mid-bright to indirect sunlight and requires weekly watering.

Monstera: Also known as the "Swiss cheese plant," monstera is easy to care for, needing moderate light and weekly watering. Note: Keep it away from pets as its foliage may irritate them.

Peace Lily: With glossy green leaves and white flowers, peace lilies excel at removing toxins from the air. They're forgiving and prefer well-lit environments with occasional watering.

Rubber Plant: Hardy and dramatic, rubber plants feature glossy, dark leaves that thrive in bright, filtered sunlight. Water them once the soil is slightly dry to the touch.