7 Everyday Items The Middle Class Can t Afford Anymore

Extended Family Trips: I predict that in the upcoming years, the practice of taking extended family vacations especially abroad will likely become more and more unaffordable for the middle class.

New Cars: Over the last four years, car costs have skyrocketed and are probably just going to become higher.

Private School Tuition: CEO of DebtHammer: In five years, the middle class won't be able to pay for private school tuition if high demand and inflation keep going in the same direction.

Homeownership and Real Estate: In all honesty, the middle class may not be able to afford a mortgage or a house purchase in five years given the current course of events.

Healthcare Costs: Experts advise keeping an eye on long-term care and healthcare expenditures as additional important topics.

Leisure and Travel in Retirement: Leisure and travel in retirement should be taken into consideration by individuals who plan to retire within the next five years, according to Kojonen.

Safe Investments for Retirees: He stated, "Fixed income and bonds have always been viewed as the mainstays of a retiree's portfolio, offering stability and income.