10 Traditional Vietnamese Dishes With A Healthy Twist Your Family Will Enjoy

With religious significance, Bun Thang is a New Year staple in Northern Vietnam. Its complex preparation and health benefits make it a beloved dish prepared by Vietnamese catering services worldwide.

Bun Thang

Made from freshwater crabs, Bun Rieu Cua is a distinct soup with authentic flavors. A popular street food, this dish is served globally by Vietnamese catering services, maintaining its original taste.

Bun Rieu Cua

Originating from Thanh Tri village, Banh Cuon Thanh Tri started as a humble meal during hard times. Though modern variations exist, the original recipe remains simple yet satisfying.

Banh Cuon Thanh Tri

Highlighted in Vietnamese literature, Bun Cha features vermicelli, grilled pork, herbs, and a signature dipping sauce. It's a staple in Vietnamese catering services, reflecting its widespread popularity.

Bun Cha

Hailing from Central Vietnam, Cao Lau is a hearty noodle dish showcasing the region's pride in ingredient selection and preparation.

Cao Lau

Derived from Chinese history, Nem Cuon features a meat and vegetable filling wrapped in rice sheets. 

Nem Cuon

Born in Southern Vietnam, Canh Chua is a flavorful soup with various meat and seafood options. With fish, vegetables, and spices, it offers a taste of the region's diverse cuisine.

Canh Chua

A nutritious breakfast option, Xoi Lac combines sticky rice and peanuts for a simple yet satisfying meal loved by locals.

Xoi Lac

A visually stunning dish, Xoi Ngu Sac is prepared for auspicious occasions, symbolizing new beginnings. Each color in this dish, including in Vietnamese pho recipe beef, holds significance for the people.

Xoi Ngu Sac

Completing the meal with sweetness, Banh Com is a traditional Vietnamese pudding made from rice and mung bean paste, adding a delightful end to any dining experience.

Banh Com